Michael Wu, Seller and Buyer
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George Saghafian- Realtor - Agent at Intero Real Estate Services

There are not enough words to express the gratitude that we have for George. We were “thinking” about selling our home a few months ago and received a letter in the mail from George saying that he had a buyer interested in the area. (Of course everyone things that these are scams…) but we went out on a limb and contacted George. Know and behold two weeks later we were in contract and had sold our home to his buyer. Fast forward a few months later and we are in contract on our next home. George has been a tremendous help in finding our new home, the selling agent has been less than stellar and George has been a tremendous help in easing our concerns and worries. He was even able to negotiate a lower price on the home in this type of market! WE CANNOT express our gratitude in words for George. George is very personable and always willing to help.

Mahshid Modares, Seller and Buyer
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George assisted us to sell our house in San Jose and purchase a new house in Cupertino. He is a trustworthy , reliable, responsible, professional and honest agent. He spent several weeks looking for a house for us based on our criteria as well as talking to the owners’ agents for the best deal possible. We are hundred percent satisfied with George’s work, and, we definitely recommend him to others whom are looking for a house or plan to sell their house. He truly cares about his clients.

Maryam Bayat, Buyer
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We had a great experience with George Saghafian . We bought very beautiful house recently , he was our realtor and help us a lot , George is extremely reliable, reasonable, and timely. He took all of our requests into consideration and did not try to force any quick decisions upon us. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a successful and pleasant experience in Silicon Valley .

Julie Anderson, Seller and Buyer
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George helped me find my first home this year and I can’t thank him enough for the hard work, attention, and genuine interest he expressed through the process and even after the sale! He has become a lifelong friend to me. My needs were not exactly easy. I had a specific budget and strict size requirements. We must have looked at 100 homes. I’m sure at times George probably should have told me “this house is a waste of time” because of the neighborhood or interior condition that he knew of before we visited, but he never once stopped me from seeing the homes that I was determined to see and he never once even thought looking at any house could be a waste. When I was disappointed in one we saw, George always helped me to see the silver lining in the experience and reminded me that no matter what, at least the homes were providing me some education of my list of “dealbreakers”. As a result of George’s attention to my likes and dislikes as we spent every weekend together, he found a home that he was sure I would like and it had just come on the market again. He said we should look at it right away as he didn’t think it would last long. Of course I rushed right over with him that evening, and not even 2 minutes into walking through, I knew I was in love and that this house had to be mine. George, being my practical side, of course encouraged me to look through the whole place and as I walked into one of the bedrooms, I could see the sunset out of the window. I knew I was HOME. George helped me late into the evening with the necessary paperwork and 2 days later the bank accepted. For the next 60 days while we waited for the loan to close, George continued to answer my 10pm messages with what I thought were urgent questions (of course they really weren’t but George was there no matter what!). I can’t wait to purchase another home. George will always be my choice for a realtor and I’m lucky to have found him. I highly recommend George to anyone that mentions they are thinking of buying. Whether its now or sometime in the future, George is ready to help you no matter what step of the way you find yourself in.

Flora Rezai, Buyer
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We truly appreciate all the hard work George put in to helping us locate and purchase our property. The exceptional personal service provided by him certainly should be commended. Georg’s services were exemplary. He went beyond the expectations of an agent…very courteous and personable. He is caring and easy to work with. Her are just a few examples of our experience with George Saghafian: He never wasted our time. He was at all times a thorough and persevering professional. He always had time for us and was always available no matter what day or what time He introduced the best lender for the property to us and it worked great He arranged for our home inspection and other necessary appointments on his own, without making us think about any of those and being worry about arranging those He did everything in a timely manner, with a positive attitude. George can definitely count on our recommendations for your services to our friend. We would definitely contact him in future if we ever decide to purchase a property again. Sincerely, FR, San Jose CA.

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