Curb Appeal in Alta Vista neighborhood of Los Gatos, CA 95032

Real Estate for Sale in Los GatosMarch 28, 2014 Los Gatos, CA

Most buyers in Alta Vista are of Los Gatos, CA make quick judgments about your house. Their first impressions good or bad are generally lasting impressions. Many begin forming their opinion of your house long before they go inside. The curb appeal is important that at first your exterior landscape and paint color be attractive to today’s buyers.

Painting your Alta Vista house’s exterior before you put on the market gives the biggest bang for your buck on the fix-it list.  If your Los Gatos, CA home doesn’t need fresh exterior paint, at least you need to touch up window frames ,front shutters , gutters and downspouts also if you have a mailbox give it a fresh new coat as well.

Keep your lawn mowed freshly because neatly trimmed lawns gives your house and well-maintained appearance. Do not leave any lawn equipment toys, or garden hoses scattered around the yard. You can make your grass look lush and green by fertilizing it in the right season make sure your pet is not doing it for you, as much as they love to.

Eliminate or hide clutter- To make your Los Gatos house stand out and get highest dollars offered, you need to clear everything you don’t need the garage. Friends and family who lives nearby can be great source of temporary places to stash your exes stuff. If you can clean out your garage at least keep the door closed to conceal a type of storage. Make sure you don’t have a fleet of cars in front of the house or the driveway. Call or email me today for a free and in dept analysis of your home.

By: George Saghafian-Realtor


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